Coming Soon: Behind Closed Doors

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Hi Everyone

I am self publishing a collection of short stories, title Behind Closed Doors, on Smashwords. It’s due to be officially published on 30th of April.
The Behind Closed Doors collection is realism, drama and thriller mixed together, exploring the reality of individual lives behind closed doors.

He sat up in the bed to a melody of groaning springs and looked around. The room was a mess, littered with deadly tokens from last night’s rendezvous. Used syringes lay here, slimy condoms oozing fresh semen there, the stench of sex rising pungently from their limp shells. A half empty packet of white pills sat winking at him seductively from atop a bench. As he leaned over to grab the phone from where it had landed in a pool of vomit it didn’t occur to him that she had good reason to worry, or that she might know exactly what he was up to when he took his space. But his mind was now occupied fully by the pills. –Extract from ‘Wasted’.

If you haven’t already, follow the link here to check out Madness for free.


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