How Many Times: A collection of true stories

The How Many Times Project is an (nonfiction) anthology of short stories written by female survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The purpose of this book is to offer support for women who have experienced abuse in any of it’s forms, to inform and educate women, and to encourage women who are currently experiencing family violence to leave, as well as offering support services (that will be listed at the back of the book.)

I am involved with this project as a contributing author, editor and ghostwriter.

The main features are the 120 pages of true stories of how women survived and escaped the violent relationship/family they found themselves in, along with pages detailing available services and resources.

I am doing this project as a volunteer because I spent 3 years with an abusive partner and find the purpose of this project very valuable. When the abuse first began for me, I didn’t recognize the signs. A book like this can educate women on what to look out for, and motivate them to leave a violent partner and home.

The target audience is women of all ages, especially those currently in a family violence situation, and those who have left.


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